Colorful Neodymium Magnetic Balls Colored Magnets Balls
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Colorful Neodymium Magnetic Balls Colored Magnets Balls


SDM Advantage

1. We have 18 years experience in magnet industry, providing one-stop service of slicing, punching, special machining, CNC lathe, electroplating, magnetic circuit design and assembly.

2.  More than 6,000 domestic and foreign customers' choice. Top 500 companies’ designated magnet supplier

3. The senior engineers have deep research and proficient to raw material principles and applications for more than 20 years,providing technical support and optimal cost solution.

4. More than 10 years stable supply chain to ensure same quality between samples and large goods and every batches.

5.  One to one and professional project team service, provide solutions within 12 hours.


1.Life consumption: clothing, bag, leather case, cup, glove, jewelry, pillow, fish tank, photo frame, watch;

2.Electronic product: keyboard, display, smart bracelet, computer, mobile phone, sensor, GPS locator,Bluetooth, camera, audio, LED;

3.Home-based: Lock, table, chair, cupboard, bed, curtain, window, knife, lighting, hook, ceiling;

4.Mechanical equipment & automation: motor, unmanned aerial vehicles, elevators, security monitoring, dishwashers, magnetic cranes, magnetic filter.



SDM Magnetics is one of the most integrative magnet manufacturers in China. Main products : Permanent magnet,Neodymium magnets,Motor stator and rotor, Sensor resolvert and magnetic assemblies.
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