Wholesale Name Tag with Magnet Name Badge Magnet Holder
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Wholesale Name Tag with Magnet Name Badge Magnet Holder


Place of Origin Zhejiang, China
Brand Name SDM
Type Permanent
Composite Neodymium Magnet
Application Industrial Magnet
Processing Cutting, Punching, Moulding
Shape Rectangle
Certification ISO9001:2008, ISO/TS16949:2009, RoHS, REACH
Size Customized
Tolerance +/-0.5
Grade 20-30 days

Magnetic badge holder, or called "Badge Magnet" is no longer to pierce through your clothes like pins, they can totally replace the metal pins which pierce through your valuable clothes.

The magnetic badge holder is composed of nickel coated metal plate, nickel coated strong NdFeB magnets as well as yellow adhesive stick tape. One set contains a magnet bar and a metal bar. The magnet bar has one, two or three pieces of strong magnets and the metal bar has adhesive on one side.

When using it, just remove the liner from the adhesive and stick it onto your badge. Put the magnet bar inside your clothes to hold the badge onto your clothes.



SDM Magnetics is one of the most integrative magnet manufacturers in China. Main products : Permanent magnet,Neodymium magnets,Motor stator and rotor, Sensor resolvert and magnetic assemblies.
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    108 North Shixin Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang 311200 P.R.China
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