Alnico Educational Magnet Teaching Magnets U Shape Horseshoe Magnet
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Alnico Educational Magnet Teaching Magnets U Shape Horseshoe Magnet


1. Cast alnico permanent magnets are strong magnets manufactured by advanced melting facilities and precision-cast equipments in its production and processing lines.

Product Describtion:

2. Cast alnico magnets' jet molding technology and computer-controlled on the furnace metallurgical analysis have guaranteed the consistency and high quality of products.

3. Now main products include: Horseshoe magnets for electric meters, ring magnets for speed meters, disc magnets for hi-fi speakers, cylindrical bar magnets for automobile sensors, high property magnets for motors, rectangular magnets for mobile phones, red-painted magnets for industrial and educational applications, and other kinds for customized or specific use.

4. Small changes in magnetic properties to temperature effects.

5. Low coercive force.

6. Strong corrosion resistance capability, no coating is needed for surface protection.


Casting: Charge mixture---smelt---casting---heat treatment---performance testing---machining---checkout---packing 

Clotting: Charge mixture---powder process---suppress---clotting---heat treatment---performance testing---machining---checkout---packing



SDM Magnetics is one of the most integrative magnet manufacturers in China. Main products : Permanent magnet,Neodymium magnets,Motor stator and rotor, Sensor resolvert and magnetic assemblies.
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