Customized Multiple Shapes Hot Selling Heteromorphism Alnico Magnet
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Customized Multiple Shapes Hot Selling Heteromorphism Alnico Magnet


Alnico magnets are an important class of permanent magnets that have been in use since the 1930s. Composed primarily of aluminum, nickel, cobalt, and iron, they are known for specific properties that make them suitable for various applications. Here's a look at the advantages and common uses of Alnico magnets:

Advantages of Alnico Magnets:

  1. High Temperature Stability: Alnico magnets have one of the highest working temperatures of any magnetic material, up to 550°C, which makes them ideal for high temperature applications where other types of magnets would demagnetize.

  2. Strong Corrosion Resistance: They are highly resistant to corrosion and do not require protective coatings, which can be advantageous in applications exposed to harsh environments.

  3. High Residual Induction: Alnico magnets provide a strong magnetic field, giving them a high residual induction compared to other permanent magnets. This makes them very effective in generating a strong magnetic output.

  4. Excellent Magnetic Stability: Alnico magnets have good stability over a wide range of temperatures and are less likely to lose their magnetism when exposed to external magnetic fields or thermal stress.

  5. Versatility in Manufacturing: They can be cast or sintered, allowing for a wide range of complex shapes and sizes. Cast Alnico allows for the most precise control over the magnet's properties, while sintered Alnico offers slightly lower magnetic output but better mechanical characteristics.



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