Functions And Characteristics of Hollow Cup Motor
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Functions And Characteristics of Hollow Cup Motor

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Hollow cup motors, also known as coreless or ironless motors, are a specialized type of DC motor known for their unique design and performance characteristics. Here are some key functions and characteristics:


  1. Precision Control: Hollow cup motors are used in applications requiring high precision and rapid response due to their low inertia and fast acceleration.

  2. Smooth Operation: They are ideal for applications where smooth operation and low vibration are crucial, such as in medical equipment and optical devices.

  3. Efficient Performance: These motors are often used in portable devices due to their efficiency and ability to operate on low power while still providing considerable torque.


  1. No Iron Core: Unlike traditional motors, hollow cup motors do not have an iron core in the rotor. Instead, they have a rotor winding shaped like a cup, which significantly reduces weight and inertia.

  2. High Efficiency: The absence of an iron core eliminates eddy current losses, which improves the motor's efficiency and reduces heating issues.

  3. High Torque-to-Weight Ratio: Due to the low inertia of the rotor, these motors can achieve a high torque-to-weight ratio, making them very responsive.

  4. Linear Torque-Speed Relationship: Hollow cup motors maintain a linear relationship between torque and speed, providing stable and predictable control.

  5. Low Electromagnetic Interference: The coreless design minimizes electromagnetic interference, making these motors suitable for sensitive electronics and communication equipment.

These motors are particularly valued in aerospace, robotics, and camera stabilization systems, where their precise control and lightweight characteristics are essential.

Hollow Cup Motor



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