Magnetic Materials Industry Latest Data
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Magnetic Materials Industry Latest Data

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The magnetic materials industry has been maintaining a steady development trend in recent years. As an important basic functional material for the electronic industry, magnetic materials play a crucial role in traditional and emerging fields such as electronics, computing, information communication, healthcare, aerospace, automotive, wind power, environmental protection, and energy conservation.

From the perspective of import and export trade, China's magnetic materials are primarily exported, and the scale of industry exports has been continuously expanding. For instance, in 2021, China imported magnetic materials worth US684million,ayear−on−yearincreaseof12.9.

4.856 billion, a year-on-year growth of 38%. This indicates that China's influence in the global magnetic materials market is gradually increasing.

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In terms of the industry chain, the upstream of magnetic materials mainly involves the mining, separation, and smelting of rare earth ores. The midstream comprises enterprises specializing in the deep processing of neodymium-iron-boron, while the downstream covers traditional application areas such as consumer electronics and basic industries, as well as emerging application areas including new energy and energy conservation and environmental protection. Rare earth permanent magnetic materials are primarily made from rare earth metals and oxides, which are also the main downstream application areas of the rare earth industry chain.

However, the magnetic materials industry in China also faces some challenges. Due to the numerous sub-products and relatively low concentration of enterprises, market competition is intense. Although there are leading global magnetic material companies like Hengdian Dongci, most enterprises have small production scales, weak research and development capabilities, and mainly produce mid- to low-end products, resulting in limited competitiveness.

Within the sub-markets, the NdFeB magnets and soft magnetic materials industry have exhibited a favorable development trend in recent years. For example, the market scale of China's soft magnetic ferrite industry has been continuously growing, with an average annual compound growth rate higher than the global average. Manganese-zinc ferrite accounts for the highest production volume, while the metal soft magnetic materials market is also expanding, and is expected to maintain high growth rates in the coming years.

Overall, the magnetic materials industry holds vast development prospects and significant market potential. However, enterprises need to strengthen their research and development capabilities, improve product quality and competitiveness, and respond to increasingly fierce market competition. At the same time, the government and various sectors of society should also increase support for the magnetic materials industry to promote its sustained and healthy development.

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