Analysis of Supply And Demand Layout And Development Trend of China's Magnetic Sensor Industry Chain in 2024
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Analysis of Supply And Demand Layout And Development Trend of China's Magnetic Sensor Industry Chain in 2024

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A magnetic sensor is an electronic component used to detect, measure, and monitor physical quantities that transmit information by using changes in magnetic and electric fields. When the magnetic vector changes, the magnetic core in the magnetic sensor will be affected, resulting in a change in the electric field, which is converted into an electrical signal and sent out, thereby detecting changes in physical variables and changes in various other signals.

There are many types of magnetic sensors, such as Hall sensors, magnetoresistive sensors, magnetostrictive sensors and ferromagnetoresistive sensors, which have unique advantages in different applications. Among them, Hall sensor detects the change of magnetic field size and polarity by judging the change of the direction of movement of current-carrying electrons in the magnetic field. One of the most common application areas of magnetic sensors is industry, especially current sensors, such as shunt resistors, Hall effect integrated circuits, etc.

In the automotive industry, magnetic sensors are used for speed, inclination, Angle, distance, proximity, position and other parameters detection as well as navigation, positioning and other aspects, such as speed measurement, pedal position, transmission position, motor rotation and so on. In addition, magnetic sensors also play an important role in military, medical, security and other fields.

According to the "Research Report on the development trend and development strategy of the domestic magnetic sensor industry in 2023-2028" released by the Research Institute of Puhua Industry

Magnetic sensor industry chain supply and demand layout

In the supply of raw materials, magnetic sensors mainly rely on magnetic materials, electronic components and packaging materials. The quality and performance of these raw materials directly affect the performance of magnetic sensors. Therefore, magnetic sensor manufacturers have established a close cooperation relationship with raw material suppliers to ensure the stable supply of raw materials and the reliability of quality.

Magnetic sensor manufacturing is the core of the entire industrial chain. According to market demand and technical requirements, manufacturers use advanced manufacturing processes and equipment to produce various types and specifications of magnetic sensors. This link requires a high level of technology and fine production management to ensure that the quality and performance of the product reach the best state.

The final application market is the downstream link of the magnetic sensor industry chain. Magnetic sensors are widely used in automotive, industrial, consumer electronics, medical and other fields. With the rapid development of technologies such as the Internet of Things and smart homes, the market demand for magnetic sensors is also growing. Downstream application manufacturers choose suitable magnetic sensors according to specific application scenarios and needs, and integrate them into products to achieve various functions.

In terms of supply and demand layout, the magnetic sensor industry shows the following characteristics: First, with the continuous expansion of the downstream application market and the continuous progress of technology, the demand for magnetic sensors shows a continuous growth trend; Secondly, magnetic sensor manufacturers continue to improve product performance and reduce costs through technological innovation and process improvement to meet market demand; Finally, a stable cooperative relationship has been established between raw material suppliers and magnetic sensor manufacturers to ensure the stable supply of raw materials and the reliability of quality.

Magnetic sensor industry development status

Magnetic sensors are favored because of their high precision, good sensitivity and strong reliability. With the continuous progress of technology, magnetic sensors have also played an important role in energy conservation and emission reduction, improving energy efficiency and so on. In motor manufacturing, for example, magnetic sensors help to make the transition from traditional pulley systems with friction to electronic motors that can be controlled on demand to improve energy efficiency.

In 2021, the global magnetic sensor market size is about $2.6 billion. The market is expected to reach $445.5 billion by 2027 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9%. In China, the growth of the magnetic sensor market is equally stable. In 2022, China's magnetic sensor market size was about 6.51 billion yuan, and is expected to grow to 14.62 billion yuan by 2027, with a CAGR of 15.09% in 2018-2022.

Magnetic sensor industry development trend analysis

With the rapid development of the Internet of Things, intelligent manufacturing and other fields, the magnetic sensor industry is ushering in unprecedented development opportunities. Manufacturers are paying closer and closer attention to the development and production of 3D magnetic sensors, and are increasing their investment in the magnetic sensor ecosystem, which helps improve sensor performance, such as accuracy and stability, as well as miniaturization and integration to meet the needs of more application scenarios.

With the rapid development of smart phones, automotive electronics, industrial automation and other fields, the demand for magnetic sensors is also growing. In particular, the rise of new energy vehicles has provided new application areas for magnetic sensors, such as the application of magnetic current sensors in new energy car owner drive, OBC, DC/DC and other components.

The application field of magnetic sensors is also expanding. In addition to the traditional automotive and industrial fields, magnetic sensors also play an important role in medical, environmental protection, national defense construction and other fields. With the continuous progress of technology, the application prospect of magnetic sensors will be broader.

At the same time, policy support also provides a strong guarantee for the development of the magnetic sensor industry. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other government departments have issued a series of policies to encourage and support the research and development and application of new sensors such as magnetic sensors, and promote the healthy development of the sensor industry.

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