High Quality Magnetic Sensor Resolver Of Ac 7v For New Energy Vehicle Part Accessories
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High Quality Magnetic Sensor Resolver Of Ac 7v For New Energy Vehicle Part Accessories


Resolver is a kind of electromagnetic sensor. It is a kind of AC motor to measure the rotation angle signal and the rotation axis position, speed and angular speed of the rotating object, composed of stator and rotor. As the primary side of the transformer, the stator winding receives the excitation voltage, and the excitation frequency is usually 400/1800/3000/10000Hz, etc. As the secondary side of the transformer, the rotor winding obtains the induced voltage through electromagnetic coupling.

A resolver is an electromechanical device used to measure angles and is particularly valued for its high precision and robustness under harsh conditions. It converts the angular position of a rotor to an electrical signal that can be interpreted by a control system. Here are some prominent applications of resolvers:

  1. Aerospace and Aviation:

    • Resolvers are widely used in the aerospace industry due to their ability to operate accurately in extreme environments, including high temperatures, vibration, and electromagnetic interference. They are crucial for the feedback systems of aircraft flight controls, engine controls, and flap controls.

  2. Automotive Industry:

    • In automotive applications, resolvers help in determining the position of rotating parts such as steering wheels and drive shafts. They are particularly useful in electric vehicles for motor control and position sensing in electric power steering systems.

  3. Industrial Automation:

    • Resolvers are employed in various industrial machinery and robotics for precise motion control. They help in controlling the position and speed of robotic arms, machine tools, and other automated equipment, ensuring accuracy and repeatability.

  4. Military and Defense:

    • In military applications, resolvers are used for positioning and navigation systems in both vehicles and weaponry. They provide critical data for targeting systems, radar platforms, and in the positioning systems of missiles and unmanned systems.

  5. Marine Applications:

    • Resolvers are used in marine vessels for navigation and control systems. They withstand the corrosive saltwater environment and provide reliable data for systems like rudder positioning and marine propulsion.

  6. Energy Sector:

    • In renewable energy systems, such as wind turbines, resolvers help monitor and control the pitch of the turbine blades and the orientation of the nacelle. This ensures optimal efficiency and performance under varying wind conditions.

  7. Medical Equipment:

    • High-precision resolvers are used in advanced medical equipment like CT scanners and MRI machines, where precise and reliable motion control is critical for accurate imaging.

The durability, accuracy, and ability of resolvers to operate in challenging environments make them indispensable in these fields, where precise angular measurement and control are essential.


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