What Is The resolver
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What Is The resolver

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A resolver is an electromechanical device used to measure the angle of rotation and to convert the mechanical angle into an electrical signal. It is commonly used in various applications where precise measurement of a rotational position is essential. Here are some key aspects of resolvers:

  1. Structure and Operation:

    • Resolvers resemble small electrical motors and consist of a rotor and a stator. The rotor is connected to the rotating part of the machine, and the stator is stationary.

    • As the rotor turns, it alters the magnetic field in relation to the stator. This change is used to measure the angle of rotation.

    • The resolver generates an analog output that can be interpreted to determine the angle of the mechanical shaft to which it is attached.

  2. Applications:

    • Aerospace and Defense: Used in aircraft, missiles, and other systems for accurate position sensing.

    • Automotive: Helps in the precise control of steering systems and in electric vehicle motor controls.

    • Industrial Automation: Utilized in robotics, CNC machines, and other industrial equipment to ensure accurate motion control.

    • Maritime Systems: Used in ships for various navigational purposes.

  3. Advantages:

    • Resolvers are extremely durable and can operate in harsh environments, such as those with high temperatures, vibration, or exposure to moisture.

    • They are highly accurate and reliable over a long lifespan without significant degradation in performance.

  4. Comparison with Encoders:

    • While both resolvers and encoders serve to provide position feedback, resolvers are generally more robust and suited for harsh environments, whereas encoders might offer higher precision and are more commonly used in less demanding conditions.

Resolvers are integral in systems requiring reliable feedback on rotational positions under challenging operational conditions.




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